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Catalytic Combustor CC-001

CC-001 Catalytic Combustor
CC-001 Catalytic CombustorCC-001 Catalytic Combustor
Price: $135.97
Item Number: CC-001
Manufacturer: Condar
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CC-001 Wood Stove Catalytic Combustor
Made in the USA by Condar

Dimensions: 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches thick, wrapped in a stainless steel can with flange and gasket.

Designed for use with the following models:

Vermont Castings SENECA
Vermont Castings FEDERAL
DutchWest Adirondack
Dutchwest Sequoia newer than 1989
Dutchwest X-Large
Dutchwest 224 Small
Dutchwest 2460
Dutchwest 2461
Dutchwest 2462
Dutchwest 264 Large
Dutchwest 288 Extra Large

HearthStone I (1985-1988)
HearthStone II
Blaze King: KEI1100, KEI1300
Very Old Lopi Stoves (Please let us know that you will need extra gasket at no charge)
Englander Stoves — 22 PIC 89+, 24 FC 89+, 24 IC, 28 CC 89+, 28 IC 89+, 28 JC 89+
(Please let us know that you will need extra gasket at no charge)

Life-Span of Catalytic Combustors

Although precious metals are not consumed in the catalytic reaction, the coating slowly degrades as a result of friction from wood smoke.  As the surface area of the coating flattens, the  combustor gradually loses its effectiveness. After approximately 12,000 hours of stove use, you will notice a significant loss in heating efficiency.  At this time, your combustor should be replaced.  Be aware, you may not be able to see a noticeable change in the appearance of your combustor, but you will certainly feel the difference! By replacing your combustor, you effectively restore heating efficiency to your stove.  Light-off temperature is reduced and you get more burn-time before having to reload.  Ultimately, investing in a new combustor means more heat from your stove, saving wood fuel, and conserving time, money, and our natural

Don't forget to register your new catalyst warranty!  Condar's makes this process quick and easy.

When properly installed in the US, catalysts are warranted for structural integrity for up to five years or 12,000 hours burn-time, whichever comes first(* see below exclusion). Damage due to incorrect use, including using fuels other than dry natural wood, is not covered.

Condar Company will replace a defective catalyst, free of charge, for the first 90 days following the date of original purchase. After the first 90 days, customer pays the following:

Years of Use Warrany Coverage
Year 1 50% of original price
Year 2 60% of original price
Year 3 70% of original price
Year 4 80% of original price
Year 5 90% of original price
Year 6 Replacement at current retail price.