Regency Gas Fireplace Parts

  •  Piezo Ignitor w/ Nut (910-019)

    Piezo Ignitor w/ Nut

    Regency Piezo Ignitor w/ Retaining Nut Regency 910-190 Mounting hole: 22mm diameter minimum 25mm Max     Thread: M 22 x 1.5 Wire connecting diameter: 2.4mm 
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  • Regency ProFlame 1 Remote (911-175/P)

    Regency ProFlame 2 Remote

    Regency ProFlame 2   -   Replacement Remote Regency 911-175 Remote replaces the Black Regency Remote Replacement remote for Regency ProFlame 2 compatible fireplaces and freestanding stoves.  If your fireplace came with this...
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  • SIT ProFlame Fan Control Module

    SIT ProFlame Fan Control Module

    SIT ProFlame 1 GTFM   -   Fan Control Module This fan control module is used on SIT Proflame 1 systems on many different fireplace manufactures including the below ...
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