Hearthstone's New TruHybrid Wood Stoves

Hearthstone's New TruHybrid Wood Stoves

Posted by Rocky Mountain Stove & Fireplace on Jun 28th 2019

Hearthstone's TruHybrid™ stoves burn cleanly and efficiently before and after you engage the catalyst. HearthStone TruHybrid stoves burn slowly, cleanly and efficiently to heat your home with less wood. The soapstone-lined firebox retains the heat from your fire to radiate steady warmth as your stove burns, delivering long-lasting, comfortable heat.

Ultra Clean: The TruHybrid™ system combines primary and secondary combustion with a tertiary combustion using a catalyst to take care of any unburned dust and gasses.

Uber-Efficient: Unlike other catalytic stoves, the TruHybrid™ system burns clean even if you forget to engage the catalyst! Engage the catalyst to complete the combustion and get as much heat form your wood as possible.

Easy To Operate: This system is easy to operate with a single lever air control and an easy catalyst control handle. Open the catalyst control handle for smokeless startups, close it for long, efficient fires.

The catalysts used in the TruHybrid™ Combustion System operate at temperatures between 1200˚ -1400˚F, which is lower than traditional wood stove catalysts. Because of lower catalyst operating temperatures and the catalysts working on pre-cleaned exhaust, the TruHybrid™ Combustion System promotes longer catalyst life, and fewer maintenance concerns.

Your HearthStone TruHybrid™ stove will burn ultra clean and efficient for a surprisingly long time, keeping your home in the Comfort Zone.

Hearthstone TruHybrid™ stoves that meet 2020 U.S. EPA clean air standards:

Hearthstone Heritage 8024            Available Summer of 2019

Hearthstone Castleton 8031          Available Now

Hearthstone Green Mountain 40    Available Now

Hearthstone Green Mountain 60    Available Now

Hearthstone Green Mountain 80    Available Now

Hearthstone Manchester 8362       Available Now