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Hearthstone WFP-75 Door/Window Gasket Kit

Price: $119.97
Item Number: 94-58106
Manufacturer: HearthStone Stoves
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Hearthstone WFP-75 Wood Fireplace Gasket Kit
This Gasket kit is for the Hearthstone 8410 AKA WFP-75 Wood burning Fireplace

Remove the door from the unit and lay it on a clean, non-abrasive surface. To replace the gasket around the door frame, first remove the old gasket and adhesive. Make sure that the surface is totally clean before applying new adhesive or adhesion problems may result.
Apply the adhesive (supplied with the replacement gasket) in the gasket channel and install the new gasket with a gentle pressure.
In order to replace the glass, use the following procedure:
1. Remove the glass clips (B) and pads (C), held in place by 8 screws (A).
2. Remove the glass (D).
3. Remove the glass gasket (E).
4. To install the new glass, follow the above steps in reverse order, using the adhesive included in the glass kit to fix the new glass gasket in place.