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Jotul 220460 F500 Vermiculite Baffle

Jotul F500 Baffle Replacement 220460
Jotul F500 Baffle Replacement 220460Jotul F500 Baffle Replacement 220460 Jotul F500 Vermiculite Baffle
Price: $79.97
Item Number: 220460
Manufacturer: Jotul
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Jotul F 500 Replacement Vermiculite Baffle
Part #220460        
This item replaces the older Cast Iron Baffles #10385912

This Vermiculite baffle for Jotul's F500 Oslo wood stove it measures:
18 1/4" x 11 1/2"
Installs over the air manifold assembly and then is covered by a ceramic blanket sold separately. 

Installation instruction:
1. Remove the top of the stove by removing the three top bolts with a 10 mm socket. The front two can be removed by reaching in thought the front door in-between the baffle and the front casting of the stove. To remove the back bolt you will need to disconnect the flue pipe  and reach in though the flue collar to access the rear bolt.   (see RED ARROWS in picture above to help locate three bolts locations)

Carefully lift the top off of the stove and set aside
2. Carefully remove insulation blanket
3. Remove and replace baffle
4. Reinstall insulation blanket, replace if needed     
Jotul F500 Oslo Insulating Blanket 1290835
5. Inspect gasket on the bottom side of the top casting before reinstalling, replace if needed    Gasket Kit 157050
6. Reinstall top of stove
7. Re-connect venting


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