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Jotul 157050 CastIron Stove Gasket Kit

Jotul Wood Stove Gasket Kit
Price: $53.97
Item Number: 157050
Manufacturer: Jotul
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Jotul Wood Stove and Insert Gasket Kit
Part # 157050

This Jotul Door & Glass Gasket kit is designed for use with the following Jotul models: Wood Insert: C 350, C 450, C 550 CB,   Wood Stoves: F 3 CB, F 100, F 118 CB, F 370, F 400, F 500, F 600, F 602 CB

Door and glass panel gaskets will harden and compress with over time. Inspect and replace if necessary.  Check the door gasket for tightness. Close and latch the doors on a dollar bill and slowly try to pull the dollar bill free. If it can be easily removed then the seal is too loose. Check several spots around the door, and repeat the procedure on the ash pan door as well.

15' - 3/8" Round Gasket
7' - 1/4" Round Gasket
7' - 1/4" Self Adhesive Round Gasket
7' - 3-16"
Self Adhesive Round Gasket
3' - 1/8 x5/16" Self Adhesive Flat Gasket
1 Tube of Gasket Cement
1 set of Instruction
Gasket Replacement
1. Use pliers and a putty knife to remove the old gasket from the door.
2. Thoroughly clean the channel with a wire brush.
3. Apply a small bead of cement to the channel.
4. Gently press the new gasket into the cement to seat it in the channel. Close and latch the door and then reopen. Wipe any excess cement squeezed out from around the gasket.