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Catalytic Combustor CC-001

CC-001 Catalytic Combustor
CC-001 Catalytic CombustorCC-001 Catalytic Combustor
Price: $135.97
Item Number: CC-001
Manufacturer: Condar
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CC-001 Wood Stove Catalytic Combustor
Made in the USA by Condar

Dimensions: 6 inches in diameter by 2 inches thick, wrapped in a stainless steel can with flange and gasket.

Designed for use with the following models:

Vermont Castings SENECA
Vermont Castings FEDERAL
DutchWest Adirondack
Dutchwest Sequoia newer than 1989
Dutchwest X-Large
Dutchwest 224 Small
Dutchwest 2460
Dutchwest 2461
Dutchwest 2462
Dutchwest 264 Large
Dutchwest 288 Extra Large

HearthStone I (1985-1988)
HearthStone II
Blaze King: KEI1100, KEI1300
Very Old Lopi Stoves (Please let us know that you will need extra gasket at no charge)
Englander Stoves — 22 PIC 89+, 24 FC 89+, 24 IC, 28 CC 89+, 28 IC 89+, 28 JC 89+
(Please let us know that you will need extra gasket at no charge)

Life-Span of Catalytic Combustors

Although precious metals are not consumed in the catalytic reaction, the coating slowly degrades as a result of friction from wood smoke.  As the surface area of the coating flattens, the  combustor gradually loses its effectiveness. After approximately 12,000 hours of stove use, you will notice a significant loss in heating efficiency.  At this time, your combustor should be replaced.  Be aware, you may not be able to see a noticeable change in the appearance of your combustor, but you will certainly feel the difference! By replacing your combustor, you effectively restore heating efficiency to your stove.  Light-off temperature is reduced and you get more burn-time before having to reload.  Ultimately, investing in a new combustor means more heat from your stove, saving wood fuel, and conserving time, money, and our natural