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SIT/Robertshaw Quick Drop Thermocouple

Robertshaw Thermocouple - Regency 910-386Robertshaw Thermocouple - Regency 910-386
Price: $39.97
Item Number: 910-386
Manufacturer: Regency Fireplaces
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SIT / Robertshaw Quick Dropout Thermocouple

A thermocouple powers the part of the valve that runs the pilot light, If you can light your pilot but it will not stay lit once you let go of the control knob then most likely you thermocouple is worn out

SIT Part                       #0290216

Enviro                          #EC-009     EC009
Fireplaces   #910-386
Waterford Stoves       #910-386
Jotul Stoves                 #129766
Avalon  /  Lopi Part   #93006518
Hearthstone                #7211-470
Archgard                    #308-0000

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