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Avalon Olympic Wood Insert Fan 99000190

Avalon Olympic Wood Insert Fan 99000190
Avalon Olympic Wood Insert Fan 99000190Avalon Olympic Wood Insert Fan 99000190Avalon Olympic Wood Insert Fan 99000190
Price: $369.97
Item Number: 99000190
Manufacturer: Lopi Stoves
Manufacturer Part No: 99000190
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Avalon Olympic Wood Insert Front Fan Kit

Convection blower, front mount, Olympic (1190/*1196). Variable speed control. Fan clips into the lower convection chamber openings under the ash lip.

Specs: 150 CFM, 1.8 AMPS, 115 VOLT

Compatible with:
Newer style 1196 Olympic with a 24 - 1/4" long ashlip only

This part is only for the model(s) listed above and will not fit any other models of stoves.
Travis (Avalon/Lopi)  has made many different models of pellet stoves over the years and most of them have unique parts that only fit that particular model of stove.

For the Older 1196 inserts
with shorter 21" ashlip , Please see fan kit 99000137

1. On the  Olympic (1190), remove the button plug located underneath the control knob on the blower assembly. Remove the wood air control knob on the appliance, located below the ashlip, by unscrewing it with a phillips head screwdriver.
2. Place the blower assembly near the appliance and insert the snap disk into the lower left convection chamber (see the illustration on the following page). It should wedge into position in back of the stiffener on the left side . It does not fit tightly, remove it and bend the metal legs to make it taller. The round disc must be facing upwards and come in contact with the bottom of the firebox for the blower to operate correctly.
3. Before sliding the blower assembly in place, make sure the wires leading to the snap disk are routed above the left side blower outlet (to prevent damage to the wires during installation). Slide the blower assembly underneath the ashlip so the two clips on the lower back edge of the blower assembly slide over the front edge of the baseplate. You should be able to feel the blower assembly snap into place as you slide it in. On the Olympic (1190), attach the extended air control rod by inserting it into the knock-out on the blower assembly and screwing it onto the threaded rod. Then attach the wood air control knob that was removed in step 1 to the extended air control rod.

The blower will not turn on until the appliance is up to temperature. Once up to temperature, the blower will operate at the speed determined by the position of the blower knob (see the illustration below). The blower shuts off once the appliance cools.