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Lopi / Avalon Convection Fan 250-00588

Lopi / Avalon Convection Fan 250-00588
Lopi / Avalon Convection Fan 250-00588Lopi / Avalon Convection Fan 250-00588
Price: $199.00
Item Number: 250-00588
Manufacturer: Avalon Stoves
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Lopi / Avalon Pellet Stove Convection Blower

  • Lopi Yankee Pellet stove
  • Lopi Layden Pellet stove
  • Avalon Astoria Pellet stove
  • Arbor Pellet stoves
  • Yankee Bay Pellet insert
  • Astoria Bay pellet Inserts
  • AGP Pellet Stoves
  • AGP Pellet Insert

Convection blower ("snail shell" style) for 1990-96 pellet (P1*, P2-P8), 1993-95 gas (G1-G2), and 2000 and up large pellet (P11, P12, P13) Fasco motor number 7063-8571

NOTE DO NOT USE ENCLOSED GASKET ON LG PELLET UNITS, YEAR 2000 AND UP. Listed in earlier catalogs as #90-0491.
  Output flange is approximately 4.750" x 4.125".

*Note: for some 1990 pellet stoves Avalon used a blower with a larger flange (around the blower output) that was approximately 4.750" x 4.750". If you need to order one of these blowers, see #98900755B.

Replaces Part number 90-0491
, 98900755 and 98900755a

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