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Morso 8140 Wood Stove

Morso 8140 Wood Stove
Morso 8140 Wood StoveMorso 8140 Wood StoveMorso 8140 Wood StoveMorso 8140 Wood Stove
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Item Number: 64810621
Manufacturer: Morso
Due to manufacturers policies, we cannot ship this product outside of Colorado

Morso 8140 Wood Stove

The raw and distinctive structure of the cast iron gives the Morso 8140 an appearance that is both rustic and exclusive. The large, slightly convex glass window provides a perfect view of the dancing flames.

Clean lines and practical details
Morso 8140 is characterized by its pure and simple design. The combination of soft curves and simple details gives the stove a light and timeless appearance that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The side plate, top frame and top plate of the stove are designed with elegant and distinctive profiles that add to the exclusivity of the stove. The pure lines of the stove are further enhanced by the integrated and discreet hinges.

Solid heat
The new Morso 8140 can retain and distribute heat in interiors measuring up to 1,200 sq ft. The stoves are made of a select cast-iron quality of impressive strength that prevents buckling and ensures the stove remains airtight. The strong material is particularly suitable for emitting heat as it retains the heat for longer, producing an even and comfortable warmth.

Easy to use
Morso 8140 combines form and function in a design that makes the stove simple and logical to use. As a practical detail, the stainless steel handle is removable to always ensure a cool handle when opening the stove. The stove’s air inlet, and thus combustion and heat, are controlled by means of a single, discreet handle.


    Emission:    4.4 gram/hr
    Approx weight:    300 lbs
    Log size:     Up to 12 in
    Firebox Size:    1.05 cu.ft.
    Max BTU. output: 35,000
    Max Heating Area: 1,200 sq.ft.
    Measurements (HxWxD): 34.25 x 20.875 x 17.75 in