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Majolica Brown Small Filigree Steamer

Majolica Brown Small Steamer
Price: $74.99
Item Number: 31-684
Manufacturer: John Wright
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Majolica Brown Small Filigree Steamer

Made of cast iron, John Wright's small steamers feature the same durable porcelain finish as our larger steamers inside and out to resist rusting and chipping. The Majolica technique has a long, rich history in ceramics. By the time of the Italian Renaissance, Majolica had reached the height of technical perfection, and was exported all over the world, usually via the isle of Majorca, thus the name Majolica. It produces a deep, rich color with a high gloss. Used for humidifying, steamers bring a pleasant fragrance to a room when filled with potpourri. Unique in design and of the highest quality, our steamers are functional as well as decorative stove accessories.

Brown Majolica Cast Iron exterior with porcelain-coated interior 
Size: 7.25"L x 5.5"W x 7"H    2 quart capacity
Weight: 6 lbs.