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Hearthstone Glass #94-58405

Price: $159.97
Item Number: 94-58405
Manufacturer: HearthStone Stoves
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Hearthstone Glass #94-58405 for Wood and Gas Stoves listed below

Designed for the Hearthstone American Heritage 8202, Harvest 8402A and 8402 and Starlet 8550 Wood Stoves
And older model Sterling 8501, 8520, 8521, 8530, 8531 Gas Stoves

Glass Assembly
Glass 11 5/16"x15 19/32"x5mm
Gasket 3/4"x1/16" Tape w/adhesive

Procedure to Replace the Glass & Glass Gasket:
Follow this procedure to replace the glass on the Harvest and American Heritage wood stoves and all models of the Sterling gas stoves.
1. Open the front door (on Sterling gas models, remove the phillips screw with a phillips screwdriver). Remove the door by lifting it straight up off the hinges with the hinge pins remaining in the door. Place it face down. (Use a soft surface for enameled doors.)
Hint: With the door in this position apply penetrating oil to each of the retaining screws in the glass frame before attempting to remove the screws.
3. With the phillips screw driver, remove the window frame screws to separate the window frame from the door.
4. Carefully lift the glass from the door.
5. Peel the paper backing from the backside of the flat gasket, a small amount at a time. Wrap the tape around the outside edge of the glass, overlapping both the front and back of the glass.
6. Place the gasket glass back into the door and screw the glass retention frame back onto the door to hold the glass in place.
7. Install and close the door. On Sterling gas models, secure the door by turning in the screw with a Phillips screwdriver.