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GrandView / Montlake Replacement Glass

GrandView Replacement Glass H8392
Price: $185.99
Item Number: H8392
Manufacturer: Iron Strike
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Grandview 230/300 and Montlake 230 Replacement Ceramic Glass Kit
Part # H8392

Designed for use with the following Iron Strike Stoves
Grandview 230
Grandview 300
Montlake 230

Ceramic Glass with Gasket
Before You Begin: Work on a cool stove.

1. While supporting the door, remove the front door pins by lifting it the pin straight up though the hinges  Take care not to lose any washe6rs pins placed between the hinge tabs – you will need them when the door is returned to the stove. Place the door face down (Use soft surface for enameled doors)
2. To replace the glass gasket in the front door, first apply penetrating oil to each of the eight screws holding the glass clips to the front door. Use the cross-tip screwdriver and remove these eight screws. Wear work gloves, then carefully lift off the damaged glass and discard it. Pull out the used gasket left in the door and discard it. Clean the gasket channel using steel wool or a wire brush. Wipe the channel clean with a damp cloth to remove any loose residue..
3. Carefully place the new glass back onto the door -  Secure it with the glass retainer and screws.