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Serving the greater Denver area of more then 25 years, our wood stove experts can help you find the perfect wood stove for your heating needs, we service the greater Denver Metro area including Evergreen, Conifer, Aspen Park, Bailey, Ken Caryl, Boulder, Littleton, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Highlands Ranch, Blackhawk and more.


Wood Stoves Have Better Heat Efficiency & More Convenience

      Wood burning stoves have become a valuable addition to any home thanks to their modern & stylish designs. These units utilize a Clean Burning system which features either a Catalyst or a Secondary Air System that do an incredible job at burning smoke and other combustibles typically produced by a wood fire. Stainless steel tubes bring in secondary combustion air that mixes with the smoke from the fire, the smoke and byproducts burn before they exit through the chimney. This process is used to keep up with the high standards of air quality required by the EPA and increases the efficiency & effectiveness of the wood stove. The increased burn time allows homeowners to relax without worrying about constantly tending to the fire. Many of our Avalon Wood Stoves and Insert also offer the convenience of automatic ignition so you can light a fire with a simple touch of a button.

Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly Heat

Heating your home with a Wood Stove is a cost effective alternative to expensive central heating bills. Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource that is readily available and allows you to be less reliant on energy companies for your home comfort. All of the wood stoves found in our showroom can be just as effective as a furnace and will even operate without electricity, which is imperative during bad Colorado winters.  No matter your reasons for choosing a wood stove, we have the perfect model for your needs.. From selecting the best wood burning stove to making sure it meets all of your installation requirements, we are here to help. Stop by our showroom to view our selection of the top wood burning stoves currently available on the market.

Modern wood stoves are much more advanced than models in years past. They are cost-effective heating alternatives that come in a range of sizes and styles, from rustic to contemporary and more. Stop by our showroom in Lakewood CO to view a wide selection of EPA certified, wood burning stoves. We offer units to fit every need, from contemporary to traditional and from tiny one room heaters to units that produce up to 120,000 BTUs of heat output. Whether you want to zone heat your favorite room or warm your entire house, a wood stove is a great option.

Vermont Castings Aspen Wood Stove in Black Hawk Colorado