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Waterford Emerald E65 Gas Stove Replacement Glass

Price: $149.96
Item Number: 940-087/P
Manufacturer: Regency Fireplaces
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Waterford Emerald Gas Stove Replacement Glass

12" X 17 1/4" Ceramic Glass
This part fits the following models: E63, E631, E631-1, E639, E639-1 Emerald and E65, E651, E659, E659-1 Emerald DV

Your EMERALD stove is supplied with high temperature, 5 mm Neoceram ceramic glass that will withstand the highest heat that your unit will produce. In the event that you break your glass by impact, purchase your replace- ment door from an authorized Waterford dealer only, and follow our step-by-step instructions for replacement

1) Open the front door. Open the right side door and there is a cutout in the heat shield through which can be seen a 1/4" nut threaded on to a stud attached to the front door. Loosen this nut by turning it counter-clockwise with a 7/16" wrench until it can be removed by hand.
2) Remove the six screws that secure the retainers holding the glass in place.
3) Remove the glass and replace with the new glass.
4)Install two bottom retainers and turn the screws in just enough to support the glass.
5)Install the other retainers, tighten the screws alternately. Do not over tighten as this can damage the glass.
6) Close the door. Thread the nut onto the end of the stud.