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StoneGard Stove Top Thermometer

StoneGard Stove Top Thermometer
StoneGard Stove Top ThermometerStoneGard Stove Top Thermometer
Price: $25.97
Item Number: 51712
Manufacturer: AES
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StoneGard Stove Top Thermometer

Locate StoneGard Thermometer on top of your soapstone stove – in the center of the top stone.

Soapstone stoves are engineered so that their ideal operating surface temperatures are less hot than steel or cast-iron.  Sustained temperatures in excess of 600°F will cause stones to crack and may damage stove components.

A no-installation-required alternative to probe thermometers, for stoves with double-wall stovepipe.  (Note: Double-wall stovepipe is insulated; therefore, surface temperature readings on stovepipe do not accurately reflect the temperature of your fire.)

Quality manufactured in North Carolina USA

Note:  StoneGard Thermometer will not register changes in temperature quickly due to the thickness and heat retention of soapstone

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