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HearthStone Gemini See-thru Series Gas Fireplaces

HearthStone Gemini See-thru Series Gas Fireplaces
HearthStone Gemini See-thru Series Gas Fireplaces  Hearthstone Gemini 48" 8930 See-Thru Gas FireplaceHearthStone Gemini See-thru Series Gas FireplacesHearthStone Gemini See-thru Series Gas Fireplaces
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Manufacturer: HearthStone Stoves
HearthStone Gemini See-thru Series Gas Fireplaces

Designed by SÓLAS state-of-the-art designs, these Slim-Line Built-In fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere. Only 12 inches thin and with low overall height, installation space requirements are reduced to an absolute minimum. Create new perspectives with our Single-Sided Celeste or See-Thru  Gemini model  fireplaces. Our Single- Sided model Celeste will add a dramatic focal point to any room, while the See-Thru Gemini will allow you to enjoy the flames from more than one room and from different angles. Our Slim-Line models are where innovation-meets-ambiance

• Built-in linear fireplaces
• Clean, versatile style fits in any home
• Reflective black enamel interior
• Magnifies the glow and depth of the fire
• Child-safe certified glass barriers
• Ensures safety within your home
• Smart remote control
• Flame adjustment
• Blower speed adjustment
• Thermostatic mode
• Programmable timer
• Integrated convection blower
• Circulates warm air quietly
• Optional power vent
• On-demand ignition system, conserves energy in warm weather
• Provides reliability in cold weather
• Secure battery power
• Operates the stove during a power outage , requires 110V for blower
• Heater Rated Appliance (Ansi Z21.88),  Delivers reliable zone heating
• Contemporary glass media,  7 media options present the gas flames
• Clear / Black reflective glass included

Gemini 48   Model #8930
BTU Range (LP) 19,0000-30,000/hr

BTU Range (NG) 16,000-26,000/hr
Viewing Area: 49" W X12.52"H
Dimensions: 63.22 W x 28.83 H x 12" D

Gemini 60   Model #8940
BTU Range (LP) 25,000-34,000/hr

BTU Range (NG) 21,000-30,000/hr
Viewing Area: 59"W x 12.52"H
Dimensions: 73.22" W x  28.83" H x 12 " D

Gemini 72   Model #8950
BTU Range (LP) 28,000-40,000/hr

BTU Range (NG) 26,000-34,000/hr
Viewing Area: 73"W x 12.52"H
Dimensions: 87.52" W x  28.83" H x 12 " D

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