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Jotul GF500 Glass Kit 157710

Jotul GF500 Glass Kit 157710
Jotul GF500 Glass Kit 157710Jotul GF500 Glass Kit 157710
Price: $149.97
Item Number: 157710
Manufacturer: Jotul
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Jotul GF 500 Portland Gas Stove  -  Glass Kit 157710
Includes 225476 Glass, 129124 Gasket and 4 Glass Clips 220042

Glass Panel or Gasket Removal
1. Lift the Top Plate off of the stove.
2. Remove four hex head bolts using a 10 mm wrench and disengage the Top Convection Shroud from the top of the firebox. See fig. 2, page 5.
3. Release the two Glass Frame Latches. Pull each latch handle forward forward to disengage the latch from the notches in the glass frame.
4. Lift the glass frame all the way up and out of the top of the stove. Lay this assembly on a flat surface, protecting the frame from scratches using a blanket or towel.
5. The glass panel is held in place by four tabs on the frame. Use a screwdriver or small pliers to pry these up enough to release the glass panel. See fig. 74.
6. Remove the old gasket material.

Glass Panel or Gasket Replacement
1. Wrap the new gasketing material evenly around the edge of the glass, peeling back the protective strip to expose the adhesive as you go. See fig. 75. Press the adhesive side down onto the glass surface. Do not stretch the gasket.
2. Place the gasketed glass within the frame and carefully bend each of the retainer tabs back to secure the glass in the frame. The replacement glass kit 157710 includes 4 compression clips for use in case a tab should break.