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Jotul F500 Air Valve Kit 156828

Jotul F500 Air Valve Rebuild Kit
Jotul F500 Air Valve Rebuild KitJotul F500 Air Valve Rebuild KitJotul F500 Air Valve Rebuild KitJotul F500 Air Valve Rebuild KitJotul F500 Air Valve Rebuild Kit
Price: $53.97
Item Number: 156828
Manufacturer: Jotul
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Jotul F 500 CB Oslo Wood Stove - Air Valve Rebuild Kit
# 156828

Includes Control Arm and Air Slider

1. Use the 10 mm wrench or socket to remove the two M6 bolts that secure the Air Valve Inspection Cover from the front of the stove firebox. Fig. 1.
2. Lift the Ash Lip off of the stove front.
3. Open the ash compartment door and remove the ash pan.
4. The handle is secured by a pivot bolt at the front of the ash compartment. This may be a 6mm shoulder bolt or a M8 hex bolt. Use the appropriate tool to remove the pivot bolt and then remove the handle.
5. Remove the old air valve plate through the inspection opening within the stove.
6. Position the replacement air valve through the inspection opening, oriented with the cast print facing up on the left and the guide ribs on the right as shown in the pictures above.
7. Install the new pivot bolt from this kit. F 600 ONLY: Install the M8 washer onto the new pivot bolt. Both stoves: Install the bolt only far enough until you see the end of it appear within the handle opening on the front of the stove.
8. Install the new handle through the front opening above the pivot bolt as shown in fig. 2. Rotate the handle as you install it so that, in its final position, the end of the handle tang engages within the two ribs on the valve plate. See fig. 3.
9. Thread the pivot bolt all the way through the handle and use needle nose pliers to install the e-clip retainer onto the groove at the end of the bolt. See fig. 4.
10. Replace the Air Inlet Cover using the original fasteners.
• Use the two U-clip nuts provided if the original bolt inserts are no longer available. Engage each clip over the bolt holes, oriented flat-side-up.
11. Re-install the ash pan and ash lip.


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I just wanted to let you know I received the air valve kit for my Jotul F500 stove and I wanted to thank you for your quick shipping. Thanks again and I will most certainly refer my friends to you. Regards
B. L.  -  New York