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Jotul F100 Parts

Jotul F 100 Nordic QT Wood Stove Parts and Accessories

With its handsome decorative pattern based on the traditional Norwegian sweater, this small stove is the perfect space heater for cottages, camps & smaller living areas. This powerful stove continues our tradition of design and innovation with the Jotul Simplex™ clean burn technology, that optimizes fire viewing area, fuel loading convenience and combustion efficiency.
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Jotul Enamel Stove Touch Up
Jotul Enamel Stove Touch Up
Price: From $19.97 to $29.97
Jotul Enamel Stove Touch Up
Jotul High Temp Flat Finish Paint
Jotul High Temp Flat Finish Paint
Price: From $23.97 to $25.97
Jotul High Temp Flat Finish Paint
Jotul F100 Nordic QT repair and Replacement Parts

For a complete list of parts we typically keep instock for the F 100

Pos. no. Description Dim./Spec.
1   Side plate , left Cast iron
2   Gasket (for rear plate) LD 250-2 Ø6,4x750mm
3   Cover for air manifold Cast iron
4   Heat shield rear
5   Smoke outlet cover Cast iron
6   Rear plate new Cast iron
7   Gasket (for top) LD 375-2 Ø9,5x1620mm
8   Baffle Cast iron
9   Smoke outlet, non dripless Ø125 Cast iron
10   Gasket (for smoke outlet) LD 187-1 Ø4,8x500mm
11   Top plate , complete Cast iron
12   Inner bottom Cast iron
13   Burn plate, side Cast iron
14   Side plate , right Cast iron
15   Valve Cast iron BP
16   Valve plate Cast iron
17   Gasket (for valve plate) LD 250-2 Ø6,4x835mm
18   Air Deflector Cast iron BP
19   Hinge pin Ø6x33mm
20   Gasket (for door) LD 375-2 Ø9,5x1620mm
22   Glass Clip 0,9mm steel
24   Gasket (for glass) LD 250-2 Ø6,4x1300mm
25   Glass 379x270x4mm
26   Spring 4mm ceramic
27   Spring Pin Ø5x24mm
28   Latch Cast iron
29   Screw, machine pan head pozidrive M6x40
30   Washer Ø6,4xØ12,5x1,6, St8.8
31   Sleeve Ø8xØ6xL27,5mm
32   Wooden knob hard wood
33   Washer, insulating Special
34   Nut hexagon M6, St8.8
35   Washer, black-chromated, special Ø10,5x25x1,5
36   Door , complete excl/glass
37   Gasket (for door) LD V-125 Flat 8x30mm
38   Latch bolt st 37
39   Front plate Cast iron
40   Ash lip packed Cast iron
41   Log/Ash retainer Cast iron BP
42   Leg 155mm Cast iron
43   Valve/cover plate Cast iron
44   Bottom plate Cast iron
45   Heat shield, under AluZn coated steel
46   Screw, hexagon cap M6x50, St8.8
47   Screw, hexagon cap flange M6x25, St8.8
48   Screw, hexagon cap flange M6x16, St8.8
49   Screw, hexagon cap flange M6x12, St8.8
50   Washer Ø8,4xØ20x1,5, St8.8
51   Screw, machine pan head pozidrive M6x8
52   Nut, cap flange M6, St8.8
53   Gasket (for rear plate) LD V-125 Flat 8x30mm
70   Sleeve For Europe
71   Handle For Europe
72   Loose handle For Europe
72   Loose handle flat For Europe
73   Ash pan For Europe
74   Grate, (for multifuel) For Europe
75   Inner bottom, rear, (for multifuel) For Europe
76   Smoke outlet, dripless Ø125 new Cast iron
76   Smoke outlet, dripless Ø125 UK Cast iron