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Jotul F50TL Rangeley Wood Stove

Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley Wood Stove
Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley Wood StoveJøtul F 50 TL Rangeley Wood StoveOptional Cooking GrillJøtul F 50 TL Rangeley Wood StoveJøtul F 50 TL Rangeley Wood Stove
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Item Number: F50TL
Manufacturer: Jotul
Due to manufacturer policies, we cannot ship this product outside of Colorado

Jotul F 50 TL Rangeley Wood Stove

Top loading capabilityLeading the way in clean combustion technology, Jøtul now offers the convenience of top-loading in a non-catalytic wood stove.  Utilizing Jøtul's patent peding rotating baffle, the Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley, can be easily loaded from the top with the turn of a handle.  For those looking for long overnight burn times, the Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley also has a convenient front-load option that allows for our legendary front-to-back "cigar burn".

Popular options include screen for open door fire viewing, blower fan kit, and stove gloves.

Who says the grill season has to end on Labor Day

Turn your Jøtul F 50 TL Rangeley into a fully functional smoker/grill.  Utilizing Jøtul's patented top loading technology the Jøtul Wintergrill™ allows you to quickly enjoy foods cooked by the same heat source that warms your home. If you’ve never grilled with wood fuel before, you are in for a treat.


  • Featuring Jøtul's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard heat-resistant stove gloves
  • Easy top load and front load convenience
  • Incorporates Jøtul's non-catalytic clean burn technology


  • Emission:    2.84 gram/hr
  • Approx weight:    569 lbs
  • Log size:     Up to 20 in
  • Firebox Size:    2.67 cu.ft.
  • Max BTU. output: 83,000
  • Max Heating Area: 2,500 sq.ft.
  • Measurements (HxWxD): 30.625 x 27.25 x 27.625 in