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HWAM 3055 FS Wood Stove

HWAM 3055 FS Wood Stove
HWAM 3055 FS Wood StoveHWAM 3055 FS Wood StoveHWAM 3055 FS Wood Stove
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Item Number: HWAM 3055 FS
Manufacturer: HWAM
HWAM 3055 FS Wood Stove

The Hwam 3055 FS freestanding wood fireplace is a beautiful cube of Scandinavian style and efficiency – Danish, modern, hot stuff and cool looking. A remarkable highlight of the design, by award-winning Danish firm Strand + Hvass, is a sleek glass pane door that swings upwards in a single, elegant sliding motion with just one hand.  The large door of the fire chamber takes stunning advantage of its placement atop a matching integrated pedestal, elevating the fire viewing nearly 20 inches off the floor. Brilliant solutions are often simple little details which nevertheless make a huge difference in our everyday lives. HWAM’s patented automatic system consists of a small spring which automatically regulates the supply of air to the combustion chamber.

Simple, convenient operation - The automatic system optimizes the combustion for you, completely. All you need to do is to light up the stove and enjoy the flames and the heat to the fullest. When you add more firewood, the system will automatically readjust the stove to achieve the optimum combustion. Easier cleaning - Optimizing consumption results in cleaner smoke, reducing the amount of ash and soot. The combustion chamber is designed with a unique window rinsing system that serves to prevent the glass pane from sooting up.
More energy, better economy - The automatic system squeezes out extra energy from the firewood. The improved energy efficiency has been documented on several occasions, and you can expect improvements of 20-30% compared to conventional wood-burning stoves.

Technical Specifications
Heat output 13,700-34,000 BTU
Average heat output 20,500 BTU
Flue outlet 6”
Efficiency 79%
Weight 216 lbs.
Firebox size 10”h x 22”w x 12.5”d