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Heritage 8022 3" Outside Air Adapter

Heritage 8022 Outside Air Adapter
Heritage 8022 Outside Air Adapter
Price: $69.97
Item Number: 90-53220
Manufacturer: HearthStone Stoves
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HearthStone Heritage 8022 and 8023 Wood Stove   -   3" Outside Air Adapter
Part #90-53220     Includes  5302-135

Designed for use with the Hearthstone Heritage 8022 and 8023

Allows an outside air inlet to be connected to the primary and secondary air inlets on the stove. For use with the Heritage wood stove and Craftsbury wood stove only.

When considering placement of the duct on the inside and outside of the house, keep in mind the need to avoid wiring and structural members of the house. Locate the termination of the duct on the outside wall in such a manner as to preclude the possibility of obstruction by snow, leaves, or other materials. Screen the outside termination with a ¼” x ¼” mesh rodent screen, and cover it with a rain/wind proof hood. Periodically check the screen to  ensure it is not blocked by debris such as spider webs or leaves