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Hearthstone Mansfield Heat Shield 90-57200

Hearthstone Mansfield Rear Heat Shield
Hearthstone Mansfield Rear Heat ShieldHearthstone Mansfield Rear Heat ShieldHearthstone Mansfield Rear Heat ShieldHearthstone Mansfield Rear Heat Shield
Price: $129.97
Item Number: 90-57200
Manufacturer: HearthStone Stoves
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HearthStone Mansfield Wood Stove  -  Rear Heat Shield

Rear mounted heat shield that reduces rear minimum clearance to combustibles.

This heat shield fits the both the Mansfield Models 8010 and 8011 and the EPA certified Heritage Model 8020, non-catalytic wood stove. It is not intended for use with the EPA exempt American Heritage previously manufactured by NHC Incorporated, nor the newer Heritage model 8021.

Identify all the components in the kit. The bolts in the rear trim of the Mansfield are turned into threaded holes in the rear of the stove; the bolts in the Heritage are fastened with lock nuts located inside the firebox.
1) Mansfield Only: Loosen the two screws in the trim steel located on the back of the Mansfield, but do not remove them. Just loosen them enough to allow the middle clip to slide between the trim steel and the bolt heads.
2) Heritage Only: If you are installing the heat shield on a Heritage, open the side loading door and place a 7/16” wrench or socket on the nuts that hold the rear trim steel bolts in place. Turn the heads of the screws on the back with a Phillips screwdriver until there is enough room to slide slots in the middle clip between the bolt heads and the trim steel (it is not necessary to fully remove the nuts).
3) With the middle clip in place, tighten the two screws. Loosely fit the ¼” x 3/8 screws into the holes on the face of the middle clip.
4) Locate the screws on the underside of the rear of the bottom casting and loosen the two outermost screws as shown in photo #1.

Note: These screws are also used to mount the optional outside air adapter. If you will install both the rear shield and outside air adapter, remove these screws and substitute the 10-24 x ½” pan head screws provided with this kit.