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Hearthstone 90-57000 Fan Kit

90-57000Hearthstone Wood Stove Fan KitHearthstone Wood Stove Fan KitHearthstone Wood Stove Fan Kit
Price: $365.96
Currently out of stock- till late DEC 2017
Item Number: 90-57000
Manufacturer: HearthStone Stoves
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HearthStone Wood Stove Blower Kit

Heat larger areas with the addition of fan kit from Hearthstone.
HearthStone Fan Kit 90-57000 includes:
(1) Blower Assembly with Housing
(2) 10-24 x 2" Threaded Rods (#4500-2180)
(2) Rubber Tabs (#3900-050)
(1) Control Knob (7200-602)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The blower must be used in conjunction with the proper rear heat shield for the model stove installed. For the Mansfield and Heritage 8020, use item number 90-57200: Mansfield/Heritage 8020 Rear Heat Shield; for the Homestead, use item number 95-68700: Homestead Rear Heat Shield; for the Shelburne, use item number 9368700: Shelburne Rear Heat Shield. Use this blower only with the products intended and which have markings to indicate such use. The blower will force air up through the convection chamber that is formed between the back of the stove and the heat shield. The lip on the top of the heat shield will then direct the heated air out across the top of the stove.

Fan kit for Hearthstone Models:

Heritage 8022
Older model Heritage 8020  – do not use on the current model 8021

BLOWER OPERATION: The blower is activated when the snap switch heats up (about 120 degrees F). It will take several minutes for the heat of the stove to activate the snap switch. A rheostat controls the blower fan speed. The rheostat knob is located on the right hand side of the blower housing. Turn the knob clockwise to turn the blower on. The fan is on the highest setting when it is first turned on. Continue to turn the knob clockwise to reduce the fan speed until it reaches its lowest setting. If the fan does not operate at the lowest setting, the rheostat requires adjustment. Contact your dealer for rheostat adjustment. To turn the blower off, turn the knob fully counterclockwise until it clicks into the off setting.


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