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Garage Collection by Challenger Designs

Red powder coated aluminum garage cabinets
Red powder coated aluminum garage cabinets Textered Black premium powder coated aluminum garage cabinetsCharcoal Gray powder coated aluminum garage cabinets w/Stainless CounterCustom Blue powder coated aluminum garage cabinets Textured Black aluminum garage cabinets with butcher block counter topsChallenger designs garage cabinets Challenger Designs garage cabinets Challenger Designs garage cabinets Colors
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Manufacturer: Challenger Cabinets
Special Order Item - Custom made to order
The Garage Collection by Challenger Designs

An aluminum cabinet from Challenger is a thing of beauty. Sturdy, attractive, and built to your specifications, Challenger systems for the garage also make sense in trailers, toy haulers, and break rooms. Not your grandfather’s workbench, you’ll appreciate the durability and features like trigger latches and adjustable legs lending to a lifetime of tinkering.

When an “off the rack” cabinet just won’t do, choose the custom-made benefits of Challenger with cabinets built specifically for your personal application, requirements, and lifestyle. You’ll choose high-end extras like lighting, display cases, you name it.

Whatever you need, whatever you want, and however you like it. Because that’s what we believe the “personal” in personal workstation stands for.

Born from a tradition of handmade skill and exacting quality, Challenger Designs is a unique company based on dedication to excellence and teamwork. And the results of that effort and pride show in every single aluminum product within our portfolio. Whether you are purchasing a Challenger aluminum cabinet or tool chest for organized workspace, or a kitchen, grill cart, or bar for enjoyable living space, you are selecting the utmost in custom-made craftsmanship. So take a look at what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We’re always glad to talk about our aluminum cabinets designed to be as functional as they are indestructible and more stylish than anything else out there.

Customer Testimonial:

“I had been looking for years for a design-driven, clean-looking, fully-functional, and more importantly custom, work cabinets for my garage. I had designed an assembly using traditional wood base and uppers with a plastic laminate top, and no matter how I tried to convince myself that it would look good, I could never pull the trigger. What I decided I really needed was a system that fit my needs, offered the design and finish that match my automotive collection, and something that my guests would view as a natural element of my garage, and not an afterthought.

I searched almost all of the nationally advertised garage storage systems, and still not one of them offered a look and feel that really matched my needs, and the final fit and finish was still lacking…until I saw the Challenger Cabinet display in Auburn. That sealed the deal for me then and there! Plus the color options and custom cabinet sizes and drawer options made my decision that much easier!” Mr. Pete Keelan, Fort Wayne, Indiana