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DuraVent Dura Plus Chimney Cap

Price: From $84.97 to $134.97
Manufacturer: Dura Vent

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DuraVent Dura Plus Chimney Cap

This triple-wall chimney cap protects against dangerous sparks, helps prevent rain from entering the chimney and features two insulating layers consisting of a ceramic blanket plus air space. The ceramic blanket insulation is held securely in position, eliminating hot spots common with loose-fill type insulations. In the event of a creosote fire, the compressible blanket insulation permits the chimney liner to expand outwardly in a radial direction. Designed for normal, continuous operation at 1000 degree F flue gas temperatures, DuraPlus is subjected to rigorous and stringent HT requirements of the UL standard, including one hour at 1400 degrees F, plus three 10- minute chimney fire tests at 2100 degrees F. Required where chimney pipe terminates above the roof line, this cap comes with a spark arrestor screen and has removable screws for easy cleaning

6DP-VC  -  Designed for 6" id Dura Plus Chimney  -  6"id x 10"od
7DP-VC  - 
Designed for 7" id Dura Plus Chimney  -  7"id x 11"od
8DP-VC  - 
Designed for 8" id Dura Plus Chimney  -  8"id x 12"od