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Big Green Egg Ceramic Base

Big Green Egg Ceramic Base
Price: From $130.96 to $1,449.96
Manufacturer: Big Green Egg
Due to manufacturers' policies, we cannot ship any Big Green Egg products!

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Grill Size:
Big Green Egg - Replacement Ceramic Base

Big Green Egg replacement ceramic base for all EGG sizes (does not include big Green Egg Firebox or Fire Ring)

Ceramic Base for XXLarge EGG    – XXLBC  114426
Ceramic Base for XLarge EGG      – XLBC  112620
Ceramic Base for Large EGG         – LBC   401076
Ceramic Base for Medium EGG    – MBC  401083
Ceramic Base for Small EGG          – SBC  401090
Ceramic Base for MiniMax EGG    – MXBC   115577

Ceramic Base for Mini EGG            – TBC   401106