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Lopi / Avalon Pellet Firepot 250-00128

Lopi / Avalon Pellet Firepot 250-00128
Lopi / Avalon Pellet Firepot 250-00128Avalon, Corn & Pellet Burn Pot 250-00128 Lopi / Avalon Pellet Firepot 250-00128
Price: $126.97
Item Number: 250-00128
Manufacturer: Lopi Stoves
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Avalon / Lopi Burn Pot for Large Pellet Stoves and Inserts

This is the standard multi-fuel firepot for all large pellet stoves and inserts.  This fire pot, when installed in one of the Travis models listed below, allows you to burn wood pellets of a wider range of quality including wood pellets with a higher ash content. You may also burn a mixture of corn and wood pellets up to a 50% - 50% proportion by volume. Shelled corn burned in Travis pellet appliances must be clean (free of husk and cob residue) and have a moisture content no greater than 15%.

Width:  8 1/8" at Top   ---  7 1/4" at Bottom
Height:   3"
Depth:   3"at Top   ---   2" at Bottom

  • Astoria Pellet Stove
  • Astoria Bay Fireplace Insert
  • Yankee Pellet Stove
  • Yankee Bay Fireplace insert
  • Arbor Pellet Stove
  • Leyden Pellet Stove

  • This part replaces part #99300171
Install the fire pot by lowering it into the holder in the stove or insert. The large hole in one long side of the fire pot must face the back of the firebox toward the igniter tube. The assembly is made so it will only drop into place if the fire pot is turned to that position.

For an optimum fire and greatest efficiency, it is important to keep the fire pot free of built up ashes. If you are burning only high quality wood pellets, you should check and clean the fire pot at least every two weeks or after ten bags of pellets. If the pellets you are burning have a high ash content or if you burn a corn/wood pellet mixture, we recommend that you check the fire pot every day and clean it if necessary. Hard ashes, called clinkers, may build up rapidly. Use a stiff brush and a steel tool such as a screw driver to clean the fire pot. Be sure all the holes are clear of debris.