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Archgard 31-DVIE33 Gas Insert

 Archgard 31-DVIM33 Gas Insert
 Archgard 31-DVIM33 Gas InsertArchgard 31-DVIE33 Gas Insert Archgard 31-DVIE33 Gas Insert Archgard 31-DVIE33 Gas InsertArchgard 31-DVI33N Gas InsertArchgard 31-DVI33N Gas Insert with Beveled TrimArchgard 31-DVIE33 Gas Insert
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Item Number: 31-DVIE33N
Manufacturer: Archgard Fireplaces

Archgard 31-DVI33N Gas Insert

Archgard's 31-DVIE33N and 31-DVIM33N DV gas insert offers you an incredible view of wall to wall flames. We have located the controls on the side of the unit, giving you a fire that begins at the hearth rather than being located above the valve control area.

Reclaim Your Space!  By installing an Archgard DV gas insert in your existing wood burning fireplace, you will find that your friends and family will love gathering around. Your old drafty fireplace has now become a warm and inviting focal point of your room.

Touch of a ButtonThe 31-DVIE33N comes standard with a remote control, allowing you to operate all of its functions with ease. Adjusting the flame height and fan speeds are simple and can be done without leaving your chair. You can also set the thermostat feature and allow the 31-DVIE33N to keep you comfortable all on its own.

Standard features
Electronic ignition 31-DVIE33N only Spark - to - pilot ignition with battery backup and
Continous pilot switch for standing pilot applications
Remote control 31-DVIE33N only Programable Thermostat and timer Flame,
Fan & light control
Convection Fan High Efficiency dual impellerdirect drive blower turns on/off automatically, 6 speed levels controllable from remote
Viewing area 26" (W) x 16 3/4" (H), 31" Diagonal
Burner type Wall to Wall Steel Pan with Lifetime Warranty

Interior lining Choice of three styles
Reflective Glass Panels
Quebec City Gray Brick Panels
Quebec City Red Brick panels

Surround and Door sizes
Width x Height x Depth
31-SKSBS** Small Flat Steel, Black, Shallow 42" w x 27" h x 1"d
31-SKLBS** Large Flat Steel, Black, Shallow 48" x 31" h x 1"d
31-SKSBD Small Flat Steel, Black, Deep 42"w x 27"h x 2.5"d
31-SKLBD Large Flat Steel, Black, Deep 48"w x 31"h x 2.5"d
31-SK4BLANK 4 sided blank, Black 47"w x 39" h trim able for Inside fit
31-SKABB Accent Beveled, Black 46" w x 28" h x 2.5" d
31-SDSHMB Harrison Mills Surround Door, Black 44"w x 28"h x 3"d
31-MHIFSSDB Mission Hill Iron Front, Black 44"w x 28"h x 3"d
** Note: Minimum host firebox must be greater than 18" deep and 33" wide to accommodate Shallow surrounds. Custom sizes are available in Large surrounds and Surround Doors. Ask your Dealer for details

Minimum Fireplace Opening
Controls mounted in forward position for deep surround and surround doors 30" w x 20 1/4" h x 14 1/4" d
Controls mounted for shallow surround
or inside fit
33 1/2" w x 20 1/4" h x 15 1/2" d