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Linear Burner w/Manual Spark Flame Sensing Valve

Linear Burner w/ Manual Spark ValveLinear Burner w/ Manual Spark Valve
Price: From $811.96 to $1,473.96
Manufacturer: Hearth Products Controls

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Linear Burner w/Manual Spark Flame Sensing Valve

These certified inserts incorporate a whistle-free flex line between the gas valve and burner pan offering insert flexibility and simpler installation.


  • Perfect for fire pits without electricity and need for flame sensing.
  • Flex line configuration
  • Flame sensing - flame blows out, gas will turn off
  • Spark ignition - No match required.
  • Complete drop-in fire pit insert utilizes a standing pilot with thermocouple to safely control gas flow, manual spark igniter (AA battery) and safety pilot valve.
  • U.L. Certified up to 140K Btu
  • Comes fully assembled with #304 stainless steel pan & burner, FPPK-HC control box with pilot assembly and whistle-free flex line.

Linear Trough Pan Models- FLEX

Model # / Description
FPPK24-TRGH-FLEX- 24” Pan, 24” T-Burner, 36” Flex Line, 50k Btu
FPPK36-TRGH-FLEX- 36” Pan, 36” T-Burner, 36” Flex Line, 75k Btu
FPPK48-TRGH-FLEX- 48” Pan, 48” T-Burner, 36” Flex Line, 90k Btu
FPPK60-TRGH-FLEX- 60” Pan, 60” T-Burner, 36” Flex Line, 90k Btu
FPPK72-TRGH-FLEX- 72” Pan, 72” T-Burner, 36” Flex Line, 140k Btu

Kit Includes: FPPK Valve and Ignition system, 304 Stainless Steel Linear Burner, Stainless Trough Pan, Plumbing Fittings

The manufacturer warranties products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty does not cover items that have been damaged by over heating, modification, abuse, improper storage, installation, or maintenance. All Stainless Steel components are warranted for 3 yrs in a Residential Application or 1 yr in a Commercial Application.


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